Nikola Tesla

The man who lit up the world

“Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs, but the future, for which I have really worked, is mine.” – Nikola Tesla

The Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade was opened to the public on October 20, 1955 and it was the first technical museum in Yugoslavia. On this occasion, a permanent setting of exhibition was presented to the visitors where they could observe as faithfully as possible made models according to Tesla’s designs. One of the models, perhaps the most famous, shows the effect of a reversible magnetic field. Visitors could also see first Tesla induction motors, a model of hydroelectric power plant that illustrates Tesla’s multiphase portable system of electricity, various generators, transformers and remote controlled ship models.

We can consider year 1957 as the initial year of the starting activities of the Nikola Tesla Museum, because ash pot of Nikola Tesla was brought to the museum and a permanent setting of exhibition was completed.

The Museum of Nikola Tesla is today a unique institution of science and culture in Serbia and around the world. This is the only museum in the whole world that preserves the original and personal legacy of Nikola Tesla and it contains the world’s largest collection of documents about his life and work. In this museum, researchers from all over the world can find different information from the field of history of science, about inventions, patent rights, and projects in the field of preserving and protecting the environment and researching the so-called “clean” energy sources.

Today, in the world, the name of Nikola Tesla is very respected and with great respect. Numerous associations, student and engineering organizations guard a memory of the great world scientist Many books have been written about him, various possible and impossible theories are told. Nikola Tesla was a great scientist, a great man whose inventions are made in order to live with a lot of comfort and freedom provided by the electric current. His inventions, such as the Tesla transformer, reversible magnetic field, then the contribution to the modulation of radio signals and researches in the field of X-rays, form the essence of today’s science and many researches.

Welcome to the Museum of Nikola Tesla, the man who lit up the world!