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Bitef Theatre

“Bitef theatre belongs to young people by age or by spirit, anyway. When people come to us with the goal of overcoming us with imagination, strength and skill, I will be happy” – Mira Trailovic spoke this at the opening of this Theatre house on March 3, 1989.

BITEF Theatre is an institution of the city of Belgrade with great importance to the culture of the city and beyond. It was founded as the youngest and most unique Belgrade theatre. BITEF Theatre is an avant-garde theatre located in the vibrant theatre space of the reconstructed evangelical church in the very heart of Dorćol at the address Square Mire Trailović 1.

Since the founding in 1989, the idea of BITEF theatre was to spread the influence of the Belgrade International Theatre Festival – BITEF, to discover new Theatre tendencies in our society, as well as to provide space for artists whose work represents a step forward above the traditional and established boundaries of the stage expression.

Bitef Theatre is a theatre of research artists, an experimental theatre, a culture-making theatre that is hiding behind the dominant cultural models. Paying particular attention to the theatre of movement, contemporary dance, and the latest drama texts from the country and the world, BITEF Theatre is developing its repertoire in several directions and acts creatively, engaged and provocatively, as the interactive and interdisciplinary space of our city, art, culture and non-institutional education.

    In addition to organizing the Belgrade International Theatre Festival, this theatre is developing platforms for the so-called, dual readings in art, both through the spoken words, movements of bodies, circus and puppet shows, street actions and happenings, and also through radio, internet and music theatre, through film, video materials, etc.

    With its own productions and co-productions with institutions from Europe and from around the world, as well as through programs of international exchange of artists, education and workshops, etc., BITEF Theatre develops an active, contemporary and different art scene of Belgrade, including creative vitality and lasting productive echo.

    Since its establishment, BITEF Theatre has been supporting various types of artistic concepts and different types of artists. Through all of these supporting actions, this Theatre has a significant role in developing such a completely new and different art scene in Belgrade.

    Welcome to BITEF Theatre!



    The MLADI PUTNIK was founded in 2006 in Podgorica, as a non – governmental organization.

    The aim of the organization is to develop projects and programs for young people to enhance their mobility and information.

    The support we provide to students and teaching staff is aimed at increasing participation in national and international cultural-civic exchange programs and educational and scientific collaborations, then increasing awareness of activities related to science, culture, travel, sport, education and social life. One of the most prominent projects we issue is the ISIC- International Student Identity Card.


    The ISIC CARD  is intended for students who have proof that they are studying for elementary, postgraduate or doctoral studies. It present the only internationally recognized student ID that has the status of an official document at many universities and schools around the world and provides numerous discounts and benefits. It is intended for students aged from 12 years. ISIC card is also used as a bank card.


    Svetozara Markovića 19,
    Podgorica, Crna Gora

    +38267 176 054

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    Copyright © 2019 Moja Kartica, Beograd. All rights reserved. Web design by Kha Concepts and bokisha.NET

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