Student chip card

Besides its use for electronic recording of information, the Student Chip Card card also contains an ISIC lisence which means that you can use all of ISIC benefits:

  • Unique international STUDENT ID
  • Discounts in our country and other countries across the world that can be searched in section Discounts.
  • Benefits on application for WORK & TRAVEL cultural exchange program

How to become a Student Chip card user?

When you are applying for one of the Student homes throughout Montenegro or you are enrolling a school year at one of the faculties that are in the Student Chip Card system, you can apply there for a card issuance. You will receive instructions directly in the Student Services.


To extend the ISIC / EYCA Student Chip Card, an index or certificate from the faculty about the enrolled winter semester and study status, as well as a bill on the paid extension of the right to diet and renewal of the ISIC and EYCA licenses, must be provided.